Why no Titles?

Many times the question as to why I don’t like to title my paintings has been asked. The answer is simple. As each image is part of a living story, I feel that to give names is to, in some way, put a boundary where in reality there is none. I feel that any name I can give is too much like a statement that can all too easily curtail the imagination of whoever may be curious or touched in some way by my work.

I am already familiar with the meaning, the circumstances, the time, the place and process of each and every painting. It is with respect and appreciation for the perceptions of other human beings and to give space for communication that titles are left open.

This way of thinking is rooted in the years spent travelling, when I discovered the joy of using brushes and colour to communicate with people from so many fascinating cultures. It allows for a different kind of intention focus and response. It can open doors that otherwise remain unrecognised or difficult to open.

April ‘09