Return to Bali

Having just returned from Ireland after a wonderful stay I have managed to drag myself to a friend’s cafe where I can sit in front of the computer and write something that will traverse the airwaves in a hopefully coherent fashion. T’is noisy and madly busy ‘out here’ in the chaotic profusion of ‘Boutique Town’ Ubud in Bali. So close to our ‘kampung’ (village), where all is quiet and peaceful. The contrast is remarkable. Our place seems to be so utterly removed from the teeming cross cultural diversity, that it’s easy to forget, while there, what has become the norm in this small vibrant town. People from all over the world land here, with as many reasons for coming as can be imagined. Some come in the hope of finding enlightenment. Some come in the hope that something magical will happen. Some come because of various books they have read, stories they have heard while others come to shop.
There are those who come because they simply love the place and the people, and because they have found a place they can call home.

Crickets sing, music plays, it’s hot, it’s dark, it’s humid.
I have entered another dimension…
Familiar, yet so other.
Well worn pathways guide my feet while my body, mind and soul hurtles through the unseen skins of all that has taken place in the last few days, weeks…. months.
No barriers between what is now and what has already been.
Simply another great unfolding.
“Unfolding of what?’ you ask.
”Just that" is all the answer I can give.
How to describe a great unfolding of doors….
Doors that are not doors, that continue to open into yet another beyond.

May ‘09