Size Giclée Limited Edition Giclée Canvas Limited Edition Canvas
16" x 12" (40cm x 30cm) €85 Email for details - -
20" x 16" (50cm x 40cm) €125 Email for details - -
24" x 20" (60cm x 50cm) €175 Email for details €290 Email for details
30" x 24" (75cm x 60cm) - - €380 Email for details
All print sizes are approximate


Location Giclée Canvas
Ireland €25 €30
EU €35 €40
Elsewhere in the world €40 €45

How to care for your giclée print

Giclée prints are high quality fine art prints. They are high resolution images and are made with fade-resistant, archival inks.

The prints should be handled with the same care one would with any valued fine art piece. They should be protected from water, solvent-based materials and abrasion. You can extend the life expectancy of a Giclée fine art print by hanging it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Under no circumstances should you wet your print. Also, please avoid tape or solvents coming in contact with the coated print.

Giclées printed on Fine Art Papers should ideally be framed and mounted on acid free boards under UV protected glass for maximum durability. The paper of the print itself needs to be handled carefully to prevent absorption of oils and/or marks from fingertips.

Giclées printed on Canvas are treated with special coatings to protect them against dangerous UV light invisible to the human eye and to preserve the integrity of the print. Always clean your canvas print with a dry, lint free cloth or soft brush. Never use a wet or moist cloth to clean your Giclée canvas print.

A little extra care for your Giclée fine art print now will allow you to enjoy your purchase for many years to come.