Eat Pray Love

The big buzz of the moment here in Ubud is now the filming of the best seller "Eat Pray Love’. Rumours abound and stories flood the coconut telephone. Julia Roberts is playing the main character and Javier Bardem has been cast in the role of the romantic hero. The word is that Brad Pitt is the Director / Producer, however that could be merely pipelined speculation.

As the injury to my spine has punished me severely for my venture into Tutmac’s for the book launch, I have not had the opportunity to catch even a glimpse of the exciting proceedings. However, my Balinese friends have come here with what is probably an entirely different view of the events than would appear in any of the local or global news.

Early one morning Wayan, a friend of over 20 years, burst into the kitchen in a flurry that was totally out of character. She apologised for being late. I asked her what was the matter and she launched into an explanation that involved something about “IPIEL”. This IPIEL had taken over the market and everyone had to walk a long way to find their fruit and vegetables for the day. The Dagangs (vendors) had to haul their wares way up some road, out of the way, and many people didn’t know where to go for their usual early morning shopping. She described the big black expensive cars and trucks that had invaded the market place. I asked what on earth was this EPIEL and she said she didn’t know. I assumed that it must be some sort of bureaucratic convention of sorts.
Later in the afternoon Pedro came home and told me that they had been filming part of the film EAT PRAY LOVE in the market and were packing up when he happened to pass by. It was only then that it finally dawned on me that what Wayan called IPIEL was EPL – EAT PRAY LOVE.
Later Pak Nyoman, another Balinese friend came to tell us that the Film-makers had moved to Penestanen Klod, for the evening, and that the road was blocked , But if we wanted to have a look we could see some of the events from his kampung. Alas that too has been impossible….so the big event has sailed past on its way to Hollywood…without my having had even the tiniest glimpse.