Bali Baptism Part 2

My Bali Baptism It so happened that Tanya, the daughter of one of my closest friends from University arrived to stay with us. It was, in a manner of speaking, for her, a very important pilgrimage. Her Mother, Jeannette was born in Indonesia and was adopted when she was very young, by Marten Toonder and … Continued

Bali Baptism

For many years the only access to the giant ‘basket’ in which we live was a narrow path through the rice fields. It was about a foot wide and served as an excellent exercise in mindfulness. A single moment of inattention could all too easily result in what was affectionately known as The Bali Baptism. … Continued

Eat Pray Love

The big buzz of the moment here in Ubud is now the filming of the best seller "Eat Pray Love’. Rumours abound and stories flood the coconut telephone. Julia Roberts is playing the main character and Javier Bardem has been cast in the role of the romantic hero. The word is that Brad Pitt is … Continued

Writer’s Festival

The fast becoming famous Writer’s Festival has been to and gone. Ubud was flooded with various members of the world’s intelligentsia. Due to a rather nasty fall, in which I was rendered incapable of walking very far or sitting for more than a few minutes at a time. I did, though manage, with help, attend … Continued

Bali Earthquake

The Earthquake of last Saturday, an intense experience, reminded me of one I experienced here about 30 years ago and how in 2 seconds everything can be destroyed. During this one, the Earth shuddered and rocked as if trying to free herself of some great and painful burden. The trees outside my window shimmered and … Continued

Bali Ants

Something that’s not mentioned in any of the brochures I’ve read about the ‘Paradise Island of the Gods’ that is Bali, concerns the ant population. These tiny creatures constitute, as far as I know, one of the largest communities in Bali. I am often reminded of their presence, especially early in the morning, as I … Continued

When I came to Bali

When I came to Bali all those years ago, life was dramatically different. First electricity was almost unknown. There was, for example one small light bulb outside the Puri Agung (King’s Palace) on the Main Street. As far as I know that was it. The light at night was provided by lamps that were fuelled … Continued

Why no Titles?

Many times the question as to why I don’t like to title my paintings has been asked. The answer is simple. As each image is part of a living story, I feel that to give names is to, in some way, put a boundary where in reality there is none. I feel that any name … Continued

Return to Bali

Having just returned from Ireland after a wonderful stay I have managed to drag myself to a friend’s cafe where I can sit in front of the computer and write something that will traverse the airwaves in a hopefully coherent fashion. T’is noisy and madly busy ‘out here’ in the chaotic profusion of ‘Boutique Town’ … Continued

Tentative Steps

Welcome to my first attempt to communicate via this medium. I never thought I would find myself in this position. It’s a daunting experience, an adventure into a vast and unknown territory, peopled by an infinite amount of waiting letters, phrases and images in what I imagine must be like some huge pulsating cloud out … Continued